Thursday, July 15, 2010

I was looking for different options for a table cover for craft shows, so Bob and I went to Perth Street in Dallas. If you aren't familiar with this, it's a street that has about half a dozen stores that sell discount fabric.

I haven't been there since Mom and I went shopping for fabric. Sadly, my two favorite stores are long gone. That still left quite a few to check on. My third favorite store is still there (now it's my favorite, I guess). It has all of the gaudy prom dress fabrics and funky trims and I want everything they sell, but have no good use for any of it. There is only one upholstery store left. I think I nearly got in trouble when I found a wall of Minky and tried to crawl into it.

The rest of the places we looked were just as I remembered them. All sorts of different fabrics with no particular grouping to them, with the occasional really weird pattern to them.

The only problem I had (besides Bob's tolerance for just one more fabric store), was that none of these places are air conditioned, and I just don't handle heat anymore. I may have to go back into the fall when it's cooler. I did find a whole stack of 100 inch wide fabric @ $4 a yard, but I decided to think about it, then found a black sheet at a garage sale the next day.

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