Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hey, I remembered to bring my camera!

We went to two thrift stores yesterday (and a garage sale, and an ethnic grocer). I'll save one of them for later, since that place is only open on Friday and Saturday.

Our other stop was Second Glance Resale Shop. This is a small thrift store, but they seem to get quite a bit of stuff into it. They normally have a lot of furniture; when we went yesterday it seemed pretty bare, but I think they were just finishing up a sale. Clothing takes up a much smaller space here than most of the thrift stores I've been to. It has a small but nice selection of housewares, and a decent size book section (lots of Nat. Geographics). It's next to a BigLots, just to add to the cheapskate quotient.

While this thrift store has its fair share of the cute:
and the tacky:

what I like best about this particular thrift store is the furniture. I would say that the furniture is well above average for a thrift store, with some antique grade furniture. I'm not sure that this would qualify:
but it's in very good shape for rattan furniture. I bought a couch there a couple of months ago and I'm very happy with it.

That was only 75 dollars, folks.

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