Thursday, February 25, 2010

That other thrift store I mentioned

Most thrift/resale stores are charitable. Generally, I like this - it means that not only am I getting something for cheap, but I'm helping people at the same time. But I can be a little leery of this as well. For instance, I know that the Salvation Army does a lot of good work, but they also sometimes bankroll political causes that I'm opposed to.

When we arrived at The Shepherd's Shop resale shop, their exterior signs proudly proclaim that their profits support their mission. Being raised Baptist, mission to me means traveling somewhere and "converting the natives", something I personally don't believe in. So my first action when entering this shop was to find out what kind of mission they were supporting. If you are like me, you can shop easy - their primary mission is to provide temporary assistance to people who are traveling through the area. They also contribute to N.E.E.D. (and let me say that it is impossible to use Google to find this website!).

Thrift stores come in a wide range of errr, shall we say environmental quality? This store is in a reasonably nice area, but the actual building seems to be an old double-wide that used to be used for classes. The floors feel mushy, like most old mobile homes. They have a fair amount of clothing (it takes up at least half of the space), but I wouldn't recommend buying any there - the interior stinks, and I'd bet it would take a couple of washings to get the smell out of any clothes you bought. The obligatory shelves of books is there, and of course, there's a fair amount of the incredibly ugly home decor. Which brings me to this:

From blog

Better hurry and grab this before someone else does, folks! (Having said that, I'll probably find out that these birds are worth thousands of dollars and I could have retired on the resale profit)

This shop is only open Friday morning from 9 til 3, and Saturday mornings from 9 til 1.

As long as you're going there, check out the ethnic grocer across the street - Apollo the Greek.

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