Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thoughts on thrift stores

As I've go to the various thrift stores around here, I've noticed that the stores fall into two basic types:

Chez Cheap
Chez Cheap stores are the higher end thrift/resell stores. These stores are in better areas and have nicer merchandise, but the prices are a bit higher and the selection is quite a bit smaller, because they have a much smaller store. Names tend to the cute/punny: Second Glance and Grace-ful Buys, for example. They tend to be much more vocal about the charitable organizations they support.

Rehash Houses
Rehash houses are the stores at the lower end of the scale. Because they are more aimed at providing cheap goods to people who need a break, their names tend to reflect that, such as Thrift Town; although Salvation Army and Goodwill are also re-hash houses. These stores tend to have a lot of the same stuff, as it is the re-selling of the mass-produced that they do. These stores are large (generally in old grocery stores) and they have acres of clothes, and often a rather predictable selection of other goods.

I'm currently coming up with a list of items that you will always find at rehash houses...

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