Monday, April 5, 2010

The things I find when writing for this blog

While finding links for today's entry, I ran across this: Weatherford public auctions Want to buy a fire hydrant? How about a low-rider Mercedes?

Last Saturday we went to the Weatherford Trade Days. This happens on the weekend before the first Monday of the month, if you'd like to go. I've only been to two other flea markets in recent memory - the one in the Will Rogers complex (which is almost all antiques), and Trader's Village in Grand Prairie. Trader's Village disappointed me, because so much of it is small established stores with new merchandise. Weatherford is much more what I expected - a motley collection of resellers, people cleaning out their garage, handmade products, and festival food. And lots of people selling used books. If Bob had had his druthers, we would have spent the whole afternoon with him reading bits out of various books.

Several people were selling plants and saplings. I really need to brush up on my Shakespeare - at least one family looked like they were taking Birnam Wood to Dunsinane and I could not think of the quote when I needed it.

I got halfway through the day before finding out that my camera wasn't working. So no pictures of redneck art. :-( We did buy this book:

Is that a desert or a satanic ritual?

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