Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm a slacker

At least I have something of an excuse for not posting last week - I had a booth at the Bedford Library Bazaar last Saturday. I probably should have written about that, but trust me, you didn't miss much.

The vendors were pretty scattered, and when it started raining, they scattered even more. I think by 10:30 or so, there may have been a dozen vendors still going. I sold one picture, of a spider to a kid that is That Age, who I knew would enjoy the gross factor.

Weekend before last we went to Main St. Arts Festival, and the Urban Street Bazaar in Dallas. On the way to the Urban Street Bazaar we passed by a neighborhood garage sale that we had to check out.

One of the houses had a magic 8-ball for sale. Bob came up with the question - "Is it worth going to garage sales?" to which the 8-ball answered... "Don't count on it"

Which is actually good advice, if you think about it. Especially since I'm not constitutionally capable of getting up at oh-dark-thirty to hit the garage sales before the pros do. However, the very next garage sale we hit, I got two photography light stands for $8, which is like 1/4 the price of one bought new. So you may not get rich garage-sale hopping, but you might just find something useful, eh?

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